Ticket for a space balloon costs only $125,000!!!

Get ready for Space travel! Ticket for a space balloon costs only $125,000!!! Space Perspective launched the Neptune One balloon, which rose to an altitude of about 30 km, and then landed safely in the Gulf of Mexico. This device will be the predecessor of the” space ball ” Neptune, which from 2024 will begin to carry tourists to the stratosphere on a regular basis. The flight will take six hours, of which two hours will be spent at a 30-kilometer altitude, where travelers will be able to see the sunrise above the horizon with their own eyes almost as astronauts on the ISS see it. It offers passengers panoramic windows with a view of more than 700 km in all directions, a bar with snacks and even high-speed Internet with the possibility of live broadcasting and a full-fledged toilet. A total of 9 people will be able to be on board – the pilot and eight passengers. The most important thing is that a ticket for a space balloon costs only $125,000, against $200-300 thousand from the nearest competitors. #travel #broadcasting #transportation #technology #dellboomi

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