First time Scientists captured a dying star

Scientists saw the explosion of a dying star for the first time Astronomers have managed for the first time to capture the end of a red supergiant (10 times more massive than the Sun) in real time. The video from the U.S. Keck Observatory in Hawaii shows the red giant turning into a supernova. #earthContinue reading “First time Scientists captured a dying star”

This robot makes 120 pizzas per hour!

French startup Ekim has created a pizzaiolo robot whose movements are programmed to mimic those of real chefs, and thanks to its three arms, the robot can make several pizzas at once. It makes a pizza in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. This makes it possible to make 120 pizzas per hour. #food #startup #ekimContinue reading “This robot makes 120 pizzas per hour!”

UK has replaced waiters with robots

UK unemployment rises further as more companies turn to robotic services! A chain of Chinese restaurants in Britain has replaced waiters with robots because of staff shortages. The robots, capable of serving up to four tables, are called BellaBot and cost £1,500. According to restaurateurs, it is cheaper than hiring a live, minimum-wage waiter. #robotsContinue reading “UK has replaced waiters with robots”

Hexonic smart tires with sensors

Frequent Punctured tires? Worry not. Meet Hexonic smart tires, which have seven sensors to measure temperature, humidity, texture, composition, and roadway wear. The exterior of the tires consists of hexagonal cells that can slide relative to each other to form channels for water drainage. They also contain retractable Y-hooks in each cell for better grip.Continue reading “Hexonic smart tires with sensors”